Dipping Your Feet Confidently into the World of Internships

Written by Elizabeth Kim. According to the Harvard Business Review, around 75 percent of college students, at some point during their academic journey, have engaged in an internship (Coleman). For many new internees, who are dipping their feet into the adult-working world for the first time, the prospects of their internship may be a daunting […]


Written by Sammy D’Ambrosio. According to the American Psychological Association, “Women are more likely to be diagnosed with anxiety or depression, while men tend toward substance abuse or antisocial disorders”. Women “are more likely to internalize emotions, which typically results in withdrawal, loneliness and depression.”

How to Recover Your Business after COVID-19

The current pandemic has brought about massive transformation around the globe. Statistics show that 92% of small businesses are suffering from the effects brought about by the pandemic, while 5% haven’t yet felt the effects. If the affected business owners recover from the effects, company owners should adopt an effective business technology innovation to steer […]

What They Don’t Tell You About Starting a Business

Taking the plunge into the world of business is big. As a new female entrepreneur, there is mounting pressure to succeed and to prove all those naysayers wrong.

How to Have Confidence in Any Situation

Have you ever started your day with a confidence mantra? What about a power pose?

Is Your Business Ready to Consider Co-Working as a Solution?

Thanks to technology, you can run your business literally anywhere — in an office, at the house while watching over the kids, or even in coffee shops.

Workplace Flexibility: A Must for Employers; Well-Being for Employees

Workplace flexibility is on the minds of both employers and employees these days. In the past, flexibility was an afterthought at best in most HR departments.  But today, corporations are embracing flexibility policies that accommodate the needs of employees who say their loyalty to a firm often depends on whether a policy is in place.

The Reality of Maternity Leave on Women’s Careers

Women constantly face a number of issues at the work place… One of the most prominent issues is having to choose between their career and if they choose to start a family one day, then childcare. An ambitious, successful woman returns from her maternity leave feeling underutilized and unappreciated because of having to work under […]

Gender Diversity: It’s Good for Business, Part 2

Calls for more female participation in the economy are at high pitch… …often based on political or cultural arguments founded on fairness. But a persuasive argument for diversity and equality can also be anchored to the bottom line. In part one we discussed that in 2014, Sallie Krawcheck, the former Bank of American and Citigroup […]

Gender Diversity: It’s Good for Business, Part 1

Investing in gender diversity in the workplace is good for companies and investors….Calls for more female participation in the economy are at high pitch, often based on political or cultural arguments founded on fairness. But a persuasive argument for diversity and equality can also be anchored to the bottom line. In part 1 of our […]

White Paper: Costs and Solutions for Workforce Reentry

Mothers continue to leave workforce – what it costs companies and the way forward … Most companies looking to identify and analyze the major cost drivers in their labor force encounter the usual culprits – rising health care costs, competition for talent and wider benefit offerings. However, a trend that often gets overlooked, but should […]

This Father’s Day Give Dads the Gift of Pushing for Stress-Free Family Leave

It’s almost June 17th day and we at Uma want to wish all dads around the world a very happy Father’s Day…

Unequal Pay and Inadequate Maternity Leave Policies Leave Female Workforce Vulnerable

April 10 was Equal Pay Day and at Uma, we certainly think it warranted a special celebration…

Research Highlights Daunting Barriers for Moms Reentering Workforce: Here’s How Uma Can Help You Overcome!

Compelling new research shows that parents looking to reenter the work force after taking a break to raise children…

Study Says Working Moms Are More Productive Than Colleagues Without Kids

Working mothers, take heart. You are actually more productive than your childless peers…

Six Weeks Is Not Enough, but It’s a Start

There are only three countries in the entire world without mandatory paid maternity leave policies…