Women's co-working space

Thanks to technology, you can run your business literally anywhere — in an office, at the house while watching over the kids, or even in coffee shops. Yet, while all the above options are good examples, they also come with disadvantages – be it the cost of renting, multiple distractions, or the lack of a professional work environment. Many entrepreneurs who work solo or have a small business are looking at another alternative – the co-working space.

Co-working spaces mimic a regular office in that they offer amenities for productive work: high-speed internet, workstations, and even a steady supply of beverages such as coffee and tea. But their target base, as explained by a Small Biz Trends article on co-working spaces, is remote workers, freelancers, and solopreneurs. This is why a co-working space is a highly recommended solution for your business. Taking out a membership in a co-working space will allow you to work in a professional environment while also being cost-efficient since you won’t have to rent out any office space. What’s more, co-working spaces are designed for optimal productivity, which means you and your team (if you have one) will get more done during your workdays.

Even better, co-working spaces can be found in a range of locations, like the busy city center of New York, the emerging tech neighborhoods of Miami, and small cities such as Madison in Wisconsin. You might even find one in premier shopping destinations, as is the case with the co-working space Industrious opened in Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza. Any of these venues is a good spot to run your business, and you’ll surely find one in your preferred location at the heart of a city’s business community. There are thousands of co-working spaces in the U.S. today so no matter where you are you have options.

When the business is doing well and you’re looking for new opportunities, it might be time to get invest in joining a co-working space. There are plenty of other entrepreneurs and business owners working there, providing you with a professional environment that can help you grow your own company, especially if the location has networking events. Not to mention, The Balance notes how co-working memberships are ideal for low-cost startups looking to scale, given how there’s flexibility and none of those long-term leases you’ll find with regular office spaces.

Now, if you have a team, it is all the more imperative that you consider co-working spaces as a business solution. We already pointed out in ‘Workplace Flexibility: A Must for Employers; Well-Being for Employees’ how offering flexible work arrangements is good both for you and your team, as doing so can increase productivity and lessens the chances of burnout. Invariably, that means some work-from-home days. Even so, you’ll need to meet with them every now and then, and you can do that in a co-working space. What’s more, you can let your team work there, too, just in case they want a change-up in their own routines, by providing them with memberships. This is a great way to organize and manage a remote team that doesn’t meet very often.

The good news is that co-working spaces offer highly flexible terms, with most offering monthly, weekly, and even daily membership options. As these are friendly for small businesses that started at home, taking advantage of these setups will help you slowly, but steadily, grow your business.


Written exclusively for Uma
By Debbie Shelton