Forbes: This is Why Saying “No” is the Best Way to Grow your Career – and How to do it

Shared from Forbes, written by Amy Blaschka. Original article here. Sometimes, saying yes can be a boon to your career—it opens you up to new challenges and opportunities, invites collaboration, empowers and affirms others, and creates an environment where it’s safe to try, fail, learn and innovate.

HBR: Proof That Positive Work Cultures Are More Productive

Shared from HBR, written by Emma Seppälä and Kim Cameron. Original article here. Too many companies bet on having a cut-throat, high-pressure, take-no-prisoners culture to drive their financial success.

New York Times: Relax! You’ll Be More Productive

Shared from NY Times, written by Tony Schwartz. Original article here. Editors’ note: We’re resurfacing this story from the archives because who doesn’t want to be more productive? 

Fortune: The labor pool you could be tapping right now

Shared from Fortune, written by S. Mitra Kalita. Original article here. Nandhini Gunalan’s return to work comes after 13 years away. She was just hired by Audible as a senior quality-assurance engineer, part of a program launched by the online audiobook and podcast producer to help those who took breaks in their career, usually for […]

HBR: Why Mentoring Matters in a Hypercompetitive World

Shared from HBR, written by Thomas J. DeLong, John J. Gabarro, and Robert J. Lees. Original article here.

HBR: It’s Time for a New Discussion on “Women in Leadership” 

Shared from HBR, written by Avivah Wittenborg-Cox. Original article here. The time has come to reframe the gender issue. The chancellor of Germany, the head of the IMF, and the chair of the US Federal Reserve are women. General Motors, IBM and Lockheed Martin are run by women. Sixty percent of the world’s university graduates […]

HBR: To Take Charge of your Career, Start by Building your Tribe

Shared from HBR, written by Gianpiero Petriglieri. Original article here. Researchers talked with gig economy workers like freelance journalists, consultants, designers, software engineers, and executive coaches. The workers shared stories of creative struggle, bitter loneliness, and chronic uncertainty. And yet most of them claimed that they would not have it any other way.

Forbes: Women Execs: Find your Tribe and Tap into Success

Shared from Forbes, written by Nancy Wang. Original article here. For every woman who achieves a director-level or higher role, 1.8 men do the same, according to a LinkedIn study. The gap only widens as professionals move up the rank.

Greater Good Berkeley: How to Get Better at Achieving Your Goals

Shared from Greater Good Berkeley, written by Christine Carter. Original article here. Christine Carter follows these research-backed steps to turn her good intentions into successful achievements.

HBR: How to Manage your Inner Critic

Shared from HBR, written by Susan David. Original article here. Do you spend hours worrying that you aren’t good enough to succeed? That you’re just not capable or that you aren’t smart enough? You’re not alone.

HBR: Give Yourself a Break: The Power of Self-Compassion

Shared from HBR, written by Serena Chen. Original article here. When people experience a setback at work—whether it’s a bad sales quarter, being overlooked for a promotion, or an interpersonal conflict with a colleague—it’s common to respond in one of two ways. Either we become defensive and blame others, or we berate ourselves. Unfortunately, neither response is […]

Forbes: Impostor Syndrome in Professional Women and How to Overcome it

Shared from Forbes, written by Kathy Caprino. Original article here. In my work as a career and leadership coach and consultant for mid- to high-level professional women, I’ve been stunned at the degree to which highly accomplished women frequently struggle with feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, low self-confidence and confusion about how they, in fact, reached […]

BBC: International Women’s Day 2021: History, marches and celebrations

Shared from BBC, original article here. You might have seen International Women’s Day mentioned in the media or heard friends talking about it. But what is it for? When is it? Is it a celebration or a protest? Is there an equivalent International Men’s Day? And what virtual events will take place this year? For more than […]

HBR: When More Women Join the Workforce, Wages Rise – Including for Men

Shared from Harvard Business Review, written by Amanda Weinstein. Read the original article here. Most of the conversation about women and work revolves around how the economy impacts women; we know comparatively less about how women in turn affect the economy.

Forbes: 11 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Love this Valentine’s Day (and Beyond)

Shared from Forbes, written by Noma Nazish. Original article here. Valentine’s day is here and it’s time to show a little extra love to the people you care about. But whether you’re single or taken, it’s important to pamper yourself with the same kind of love and kindness that you’d shower on anyone else.

McKinsey & Company: COVID-19 and gender equality: Countering the regressive effects

Shared from McKinsey & Company, By Anu Madgavkar, Olivia White, Mekala Krishnan, Deepa Mahajan, and Xavier Azcue. Read the original report here. What is good for gender equality is good for the economy and society as well. The COVID-19 pandemic puts that truth into stark relief and raises critically important choices.

HBR: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Women Supporting Each Other at Work

By Anne Welsh McNulty for Harvard Business Review. Read original article here. Some senior-level women tend to distance themselves from junior women, often to be more accepted by their male peers. Trying to separate oneself from a marginalized group is, sadly, a strategy that’s frequently employed.