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At Uma, we build unshakable confidence, career success and leadership skills! Whether you are considering a career transition, exploring new interests, or breaking through the glass ceiling, explore our curated one-on-one Career Coaching, Mentoring or group sessions and begin your empowerment journey today.

Our Empowerment Coaching and Mentoring offerings are led by Rita Kakati-Shah, who has 25+ years’ experience coaching and mentoring women and minority groups around the world. She has been featured multiple times by the Wall Street Journal and other global media for her advice, thought leadership and expertise.


Women aged 21-27 in their first few years of work

90 min mentoring sessions on the following:

  • GROW: Identification of possible growth parameters.
  • ASSESS: Skills mapping and career strategy on future goals.
  • EXIT: Transitioning from your first job. 

Women aged 28-34,
pre-coaching clients


Personalised check-ins, providing a sounding board, guidance and confidence building.


  • 4 x sessions
  • One-off

Women aged 35-45, bachelors or masters degree

Re-entry Coaching

Three package options:

  • FULL: 4 x 90mins of CV preparation, cover letter review, mock interviews, pay negotiation, networking, confidence, communications.
  • LITE: 2 x 60mins of Interview preparation, CV review, confidence.
  • BESPOKE: At client’s request.

Executive women mid-ladder in professional careers

Executive Career Coaching

2-hour personalised and structured sessions including:

  • LOST: Finding the next step in your career.
  • UP: Strategies for workplace promotion.
  • BALANCE: Schedule review, stress analysis, confidence building.
  • NETWORK: Soft skills and relationship building.



21 years old, UK


29 years old, Moscow


35 years old, USA


49 years old, India

  • Fresh graduate looking for first job
  • Curious but lacks confidence
  • Has inefficient time management
  • Consultant at AB Partners for 8 years
  • Wants to progress in career
  • Ex-Corporate lawyer, mother with work experience of 6.5 years
  • Looking to re-enter the market after a hiatus of over 2.5 years
  • Current CFO of XYZ Pharma, work experience of 20+ years
  • Looking to break through glass ceiling professionally
  • Start career journey
  • Improvement of soft & technical skills
  • Guidance on time management 
  • Roadmap for next steps
  • Direction on improving overall performance
  • Increase recognition in company 
  • A mentor & leadership coaching
  • Brush up technical & corporate skills
  • Networking tips to reconnect
  • Update on current market trends
  • Leverage network to grow
  • Improve communication & negotiation skills
  • Serve on company boards
  • Volunteer, mentor to others
  • Feedback from peers & mentors
  • Industry insights for preparation to enter corporate world
  • Top leaders’ insights into the industry
  • Community with similar interests & aspirations
  • Handholding on journey
  • Supportive community with similar experiences
  • Guidance on managing personal & professional life
  • Time, skills, professional development
  • Platform to share experiences
Current Skillset?
  • Proficient Excel and Tableau Operator
  • Poor time management
  • Excellent team player
  • High market acumen
  • Great team player
  • Promising leadership acumen
  • Moderate communicator
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Poor Technical Skills
  • Good Communicator
  • Excellent team player
  • Promising leadership acumen
  • Excellent industry acumen
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Rigid flexibility
Uma Recommends?
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  • Mentoring
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  • Re-entry coaching
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  • Executive Coaching

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LinkedIn member London, UK

If I were to describe you Rita, amazing does not cut it. You are a true Wonder Woman. Thank you for empowering women and making the world a better place. You have shown the world that women can be on top in all that we do. It’s an honor indeed to be a part of your network.

The WOW Series Team New York City, USA

Thank you so much for your talk! We were all so empowered after hearing your advice on pushing through moments of doubt. Your point on remembering past successes and believing in yourself will stick with anyone who is making efforts to achieve their dreams! Thank you again!

Viewer of Ticker News Melbourne, Australia

Just watched this... you are amazing.... your energy, your vibe, your positivity and your passion in what you say and do is so empowering. Your eloquence and delivery is perfect...

Headmaster, all girls’ school Hertfordshire, UK

Thank you so much for your help! The student you have been working with just received an offer from Trinity College, Cambridge, and she mounts her success and confidence during her interview and preparation down to your work together! Thank you so much again for your help uplifting our year 6 girls and all our students!

Sarah Suleman MD, Re-entry Coaching client California / New York, USA

It was an absolute pleasure to work with UMA for my re-joining work sessions. I was paired with Rita, who was so thoughtful, and tailored her approach to my unique career needs and growth. She gave me excellent advice on resume building, networking and interview tips. I wish I had more sessions with Rita as they were so engaging and enjoyable. I look forward to my journey back to work and cannot recommend Rita enough, she’s amazing! Thank you Rita and thank you UMA!

Katherine Free, Early Career Coaching client California, USA

Hi Rita, I just wanted to thank you again for all your time mentoring and coaching me! You've given me so many new ideas and perspectives on how to pursue my international business and marketing goals. Thank you again so much!


    Turning Rock Partners is a private equity investment firm and credit fund.


    The partners of a New York City based hedge fund needed to hire an employee from a financial background to run the gamut of daily responsibilities, and they turned to Uma.


    At the same time, Rima Roy, a business analyst in consumer finance, was reevaluating her future career goals and her work/life balance.


    Following a curated Umaship program, with career coaching & mentoring, we successfully created a diverse & inclusive environment where the client is happy and the candidate is thriving.

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