Rita Kakati Shah (Mathematics & Management, 2001) set up her own company, Uma, to help people – mainly women – back into work after a career break. She believes developing personal skills and a winning attitude can be more effective than trying to change a system that is unequal and often unfair.

Rita launched her company because of her own experience after four years out of the workforce to raise her children:

‘I was not seen as a career person any more. I wasn’t ambitious. I was a quitter. It was a harsh reality and I had to change that.

‘At Uma, we encourage people to push back. Being a mother isn’t a dent in your career. It is an experience with extremely valid skills: teamwork, organisation, finance and the ability to deal with constant change. I call it being the CEO of the household.

‘However, if you want to go back to what you did before, it’s important to keep up to date with your old industry. When you go for an interview you should be confident, know the job and be ready to go.

‘I set up my company to empower people; to build confidence and important skills, such as networking and interview skills, and emotional support so that they can succeed for themselves. But then you’re basically on your own. We’re not guaranteeing jobs, or a promotion. It’s important to network and take charge, find that role model or mentor in order to progress to the next level.’
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