20 Female Entrepreneurs Share Sentiments On How To Feel Empowered In Business and Life

The quote “empowered women empower women” is by no means new or unique in the world of female entrepreneurship. Nonetheless, it’s always been a saying that has resonated with me on a deep and personal level.

Rita Kakati-Shah | Founder and CEO | Uma | @beboldbeuma

What makes you feel empowered as a business owner?
My business is very mission-driven and started with the idea that all women should have equal opportunities and be treated fairly. Fast-forward 3 years and we have grown into a thriving business that helps companies attract, retain and develop women and minorities in the workforce through diversity and inclusion strategies. It’s hard to realize the gravity of what has been accomplished in such a seemingly short span of time. We are not only moving the needle in corporate culture, but we are changing lives for the better. We are building confidence and empowering our members in the process.Uma has successfully worked with many returning candidates and companies, structured return to work and buddy programs, as well as mentored and coached women looking to enter senior leadership.So when I do take a step back and pause, I have to say that I do feel truly empowered.

What is one piece of advice you would like to offer other female entrepreneurs?
Firstly congratulations on taking the plunge! You are one of few who actually took the step to pursue your passion. And that is important to remember — you are pursuing something you are passionate about. With that in mind, there are certain skills that entrepreneurs in particular soon become pros at handling. For example, hearing the word “no”, non-responsiveness and just plain rejection. When embarking on this journey, you will soon develop a thick skin, resilience and patience!

What is one FREE tool or resource that has helped you achieve success?
There are only so many waking hours of the day. Top that off with frequent international travel, running my own company across multiple regions, and bringing up two young children. So a life-saver for me is anything that helps provide structure and in turn more clarity around my days. Simple as it sounds, I rely on my iPhone calendar! I actually have a personal and work calendar, which are sync’d and helps to compartmentalize personal and professional life, track when there is a deadline approaching, and perhaps most importantly, let me know when family time is approaching. This I hold sacred, and strongly believe in the “quality over quantity” motto.

Please tell us about one of your favorite female-owned businesses.
I love Junny By Junny! Junny is not only a successful designer, but a talented seamstress and tailor too. She came from a media and PR background, knew her passion was in starting her own clothing line, so made the switch. Junny is incredibly hardworking and knows what it means to hustle! I am so proud to call Junny my friend.

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