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In September 2021, India has been selected as the location for the second United Nations Parliamentary Assembly Model. Mirroring the structure of the first UNPA Model in Argentina, the forthcoming second UNPA Model in Delhi will be held virtually in response to the global pandemic, on the topic of Gender Equality. By simulating sessions of the UNPA, students from Indian and international universities and colleges will be able to discuss, debate and vote on bylaws created toward tackling Gender Equality in the world.
In 2019, around 60 University of Belgrano students from the disciplines of Political Sciences and International Relations took part in a simulated United Nations Parliamentary Assembly session organized by Democracia Global and hosted by the Argentine Congress. With a focus on preservation and conservation of the environment, the university students participated, discussed, and drafted by-laws to present to local government, aimed at preserving and protecting the environment.

Partnering with select Indian universities and colleges will showcase India as a thought-leader on the world map for global citizenship, education and advancement toward Gender Equality. The event aims to showcase the need for global democratic solutions to tackle global issues that are yet to be solved unilaterally by individual nation states, through progressive discourse and discussion amongst young, engaged students across disciplines and across borders.

The United Nations Parliamentary Assembly Model (UNPA Model) created a platform for global citizenship, shared leadership and empowered change stemming from cities around the world. In partnership with Democracia Global (Argentina), Democracy Without Borders (internationally), Uma (New York), and the wider UNPA Campaign, a platform has been created where young global citizens can come together through engaging discussions and education on topics they would like to influence or change in the world around them.

The members of the Steering Committee for the 2021 United Nations Parliamentary Assembly Model are comprised of global thought leaders and experts in gender equality, diversity and inclusion, international policy, academia and entrepreneurship.

“We would like to engage students from Delhi, across India and overseas, with the aim of improving students’ analytical as well as communications, negotiation and presentation skills,” says Rita Kakati-Shah, Secretary General and Chief Coordinator of the UNPA Model. “Participants of the UNPA Model will represent the citizens of the world, debating solutions and working together to draft viable and effective by-laws to tackle the global issue of gender equality.”

Interested participants are encouraged to sign up on the UNPA Model website and to follow the team’s activities on social media with @unpamodel. For any questions, the team can be reached by email.

By Rita Kakati-Shah


The author is an award-winning gender equality, diversity and inclusion career strategist, the Secretary General and Chief Coordinator for the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly Model, Founding Member of Democracy Without Borders in Delhi, and Founder and CEO of Uma in New York, an international women’s empowerment platform.