Rita Kakati Shah


With more than 15 years of collective experience across the finance and healthcare industries, of which almost 10 years were at Goldman Sachs in London, Rita has been a fierce advocate for diversity and equality issues. She was a divisional representative for the Women’s Network in London, European divisional head for the Asian Professionals Network, and was awarded the prestigious Excellence in Citizenship and Diversity Award for her outstanding contributions to diversity initiatives at Goldman Sachs. Rita is a problem solver and go-getter and will fight for what she believes in. Rita also has a big heart and actively supports local NYC and international cultural, socioeconomic and philanthropic initiatives. She is a trained and accomplished classical Indian dancer and oil painter. She loves to keep up with the latest in fashion and trying new spots for afternoon tea so can often be seen hanging out at new spots around NYC. Rita has two small children and so has firsthand experience of the challenges a mother faces after taking a career break to raise her children.

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