Shared from Prag News, original article here. Founder and CEO of Uma, Rita Kakati-Shah, has written a delineated story of her life in pursuit of how she has managed to stand into her identity throughout the most apparent ascending male-dominated career ladder.

Digital Desk: A London-based second-generation Assamese girl, Rita Kakati-Shah, has set examples for all the dynamic women working independently and trying to make their voices heard.

On the special occasion of International Women’s Day 2022, on Tuesday, CEO of Uma, Rita, has launched her book “The Goddess of go-getting: Your Guide to Confidence, Leadership, and Workplace Success.”

Mr. Randhir Jaiswal, the Consul General of India in New York, presented a unique event to honor worldwide Indian women on International Women’s Day. The event started with the launch of a book by bestselling author and multi-award-winning gender equality and career strategist Rita Kakati-Shah’s “The Goddess of Go-Getting.”

This book is a narration of empowering women and uplifting them in society. Author Rita Shah has penned down her life experiences in this book. The book celebrates how she is committed to empowering women, minorities, and the future’s young via her life’s approach.

It even provides leaders with an international prism through which they might reconsider their approaches to advancement, inclusiveness, and decency. The book conveys Rita’s story with unique accounts, humanism, and a dash of comicness in encouraging others to carry transformation, think differently, and take accountability for their impact on the community.

Rita Shah, through her work, will take you through her life journey and childhood experiences of growing up in London as a second-generation Assamese girl, to evolving one of the first ladies on Goldman Sachs’ equities trading floor in London, to spearheading business growth in international CNS drug development, to evolving as a multi-award-winning woman.

Rita Kakati-Shah is the Founder and CEO of Uma. This international platform helps females and overlooked groups of a community all around the globe by developing trust, inspiring accomplishment, and developing leadership and spirit. She is also the honoree of the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award from US President Joe Biden.

The book “The Goddess of go-getting: Your Guide to Confidence, Leadership, and Workplace Success” was launched during the event in London, where Rita Kakati-Shah took the seat to moderate an all-star panel with some of the most successful and influential women of North America.

Baishakhi Taylor (Dean of the College and Vice President for Campus Life, Smith College), Mona Sinha (Board Advisor, Philanthropist, and Gender Equality Advocate), Seema Kumar (Founder, SEEMA), Sonia Chaliha (Global Head of Business Development for Corporate Trust of BNY Mellon), and Tara Bhuyan (Creative Director, Tara Bhuyan Couture) were the inspiring panelists also present in the event.

The special event on International Women’s Day ended with a motivating and inspiring speech by Riniki Bhuyan Sarma, First Lady of Assam and the Chairperson, and Managing Director, Pride East Entertainment.

The book by Rita Kakati-Shah, The Goddess of Go-Getting, is now available for purchase globally at all major retail outlets and online platforms.