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A Law firm is recruiting women who are currently law firm partners. This is a great opportunity to cut out a commute to NYC if women are living in Fairfield County, CT or Westchester County, NY.

The firm really values quality and flexibility over facetime. Business casual is the office vibe, and it’s a loyal and cohesive group. Some partners have practiced together 25+ years, and the office is committed to growth. Stamford office partners have senior roles in firm management, and the firm has a visible and solid commitment to all offices—rather than the traditional and problematic “satellite” office approach.

Big city law firms surely have a certain allure, but this firm competes favorably in every way. These Stamford-based lawyers negotiate every day opposite the largest NYC firms in, for example, private equity/M&A, finance, IP and employee benefits; earn comparable compensation; and benefit from the resources and support of more than 1,300 other lawyers throughout the U.S. and beyond.

The firm overall has won 8 different prestigious awards in 8 years—all recognizing its diversity initiatives and commitment to women. Add in the fact that the partnership of this collegial Stamford office is about 50% women (all mothers, by the way) and you have a very egalitarian environment where women have a clear path to success.

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