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Chief Financial Officer

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Job Description

This company provides coaching, strategic and financial advisory services to for-profit companies with a social impact mission. Our clients produce healthy, fair and sustainable products, combat climate change and are working to eradicate racial and gender bias. We provide client companies with financial analysis.

Management and strategy support to increase profitability, create sustainable and efficient operations, and deepen their social impact.

 The Umaship would start off as a PT contract position that could potentially convert to FT employment within one year.


The Financial Analyst position requires:

• Excellent mathematical skills and number sense with specific experience building numerical models

using sophisticated formulas and scenarios.

• Experience with bookkeeping, accounting, investing and/or financing processes.

• Ability to manage multiple projects in the fast-changing environment of a rapidly growing business.

• A strong commitment to open communications.

• Knowledge of KPIs, dashboards and BI systems a strong plus.

 Working with us, you would get to…

• Create beautiful investor-ready financial models and projections in Excel.

• Produce monthly financial reports to compare actual to budget; perform rigorous cost and profit


• Find, define, and reveal actionable and defensible data to support strategic and management choices.

• Communicate financial concepts in narrative and chart form.

• Maintain accurate financial projections as conditions and strategies shift.

• Contribute to efficient internal systems and work flow processes at CFO on Speed Dial to accelerate

success for our team and clients.

All of that, day in and day out! Sound fun yet? Great! Keep reading…

 Here’s what will be challenging:

• Cleaning and restructuring jumbled sources of data to get the information you need and want.

• Spending days building a revenue model that changes later (and requires an overhaul to your latest

spreadsheet creation).

• Seeing your best analysis disregarded by a client who is focused on something else or who doesn’t see

things the way you do.

You’ll get to work with a team that is dedicated to:

• Service fundamentals: Timeliness; honesty and follow-through: We deliver on our promises, respond

quickly and openly to issues when they arise.

• Client Success: Our clients define their unique success factors: CFO on Speed Dial delivers analysis

and coaching to accelerate their success.

• Growth and learning: the world changes, we must also: as humans, as a company as an ecosystem.

• Celebration: never forget to celebrate the work and success.

Our clients are passionate about their products and services; are fast growing and enthusiastic; but like all small/growing companies the owners are stretched by trying to do too much in too shrt a time frame (which means their timelines are constantly shifting) this requires flexibility and adaptability from you.

If you’re energized by a constant flow of new projects; curious about how to build profitability alongside social impact and excited by the idea of learning and growing as the company grows then you’re a good fit for this position.

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